Cooling off your rising energy bills, Keeping Earth Green and saving some $Green$

Solar Attic Fans
From Attic Flow Technologies!

Keeping your home cooler year round can save you money while using less energy. This is not a pipe dream! It’s as simple as venting the place that heats up your home the most—your attic.

The all-in-one Attic Flow Technologies’ Solar Attic Fan kit is so simple that all you need is a few basic tools and the easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions will guide you to a no-hassle installation. Then you’ll begin to save significant green as you go green! If you’re not as handy, you can have your fans installed by our own authorized and certified expert technicians.

Most solar fans can only be powered on or off by someone entering the attic each time. Our innovative, high-quality fans are controlled by a patented thermal switch. Once the attic temperature reaches a set tempature, the fan will turn on automatically, as the attic cools, the fan switches off to conserve power and wear of ATTIC FLOW Unit.

Did you know that venting your attic extends the life of your home air-conditioning system by reducing its load and conserving energy? It’s true! Increased air circulation also reduces the often unseen but damaging effects of moisture as heat rises from such common everyday activities as cooking and bathing. Attic Flow solar fans prevent rot, rust, mold and bacteria that can grow in warm, moist places, ensuring your family’s respiratory health and personal well-being.

Yes, most homes do have what is called “passive venting” with louvered vent outlets placed along the roof lines. However, these vents depend on wind, air pressure, and fluctuating temperatures to work properly. With Attic Flow Solar Fans, you can take matters into your own hands by proactively eliminating stagnant air plus heat and moisture build-up—all while putting money back in your pocket.

With ever-escalating energy rates from power providers, isn’t it about time to make the sun work for you? You might not be able to live off the grid, but Attic Flow allows you to invest in an affordable ventilation system that is both saves you money while being friendly to the environment.

You may also qualify for significant government tax rebates for purchasing and installing Attic Flow Solar Fans, including a 35% solar energy tax credit. For details on these possible green loans and tax exemptions, go to

“FALL SPECIAL” also offer up to $70 in referral refunds for friends or associates who purchase an Attic Flow Solar Fan based on your recommendation and have it installed by one of our professionals.